4-Track to Digital Prices

# 4-Track tapes Convert to Digital File
Any quantity $30/ea

Quality Results

Anyone can buy a tape deck and a computer and offer this service. We are MUCH more than that. When you send your tapes to us, you are sending them to a company that has worked in the professional audio business for nearly two decades. We own and operate a full-service digital recording studio. We use professional analog to digital interfaces. We know audio.

If you want your cassettes transferred to digital, we believe we are the only reasonable choice.


"The results are fabulous, and the service was excellent. Am putting together another batch for Thick and Mystic's magic!"
Bob M.
Santa Monica, CA


"If they are this good on a small project I can only imagine how great they are on large ones."
Deborah M.
Minneapolis, MN. 


"Thick and Mystic are fast, reliable and affordable. What more could you ask for? I will use them again AND highly recommend them to friends and business associates."
Karen B.
Congers, NY


"Your compnny is awsome!! I sent off three cassettes to transfer to cd and it seemed like it was only one week before I recieved them back in perfect condition. I will definitely send more to be transfered."
Roger B.
Glendale, Arizona


"Received the CDs today - great job...I am thoroughly satisfied with the conversions, and as I go through my collection, I will send you more LPs for transfer to CD."
Peter C.
Fernandina Beach, Fl


"I want to thank you for the prompt attention to transferring my LP to a CD. The turn around time was less than a week and the CD sounds great."
Jerry S.
El Paso, Texas

Large Quantity Expertise

We converted over 110,000 cassettes for the State of New Mexico - the largest project of its kind in United States history. No one else can say that.

1,000 tapes is not a big project for us. We can convert large numbers of cassettes quickly, inexpensively with high-quality results. No one else has the experience we have.

Privacy and Security

Because we frequently work with government agencies, courts, and other organizations with highly sensitive records, our entire digitizing network is completely isolated from the internet. Nothing comes in and nothing goes out on our digitizing network. It is impossible to hack into our digitizing network because it is not connected to the outside world and there is no wireless access.


Text us at

303 905 9634

We are the ONLY company in the country chosen to work with the State of New Mexico on the largest analog to digital conversion project in United States history. In this single project we converted over 110,000 items to digital.

We have worked with government agencies, publishing companies, Universities, and individuals across the United States, Canada and Europe.

Many people call us shocked at our low prices. They have called recording studios who are charging 10x the amount we charge and wonder why.

In truth this IS a recording studio. We have recorded everything from rock bands to jingles to voice work for major corporations. The only difference is, we have significantly increased our resources in this area. A normal recording studio might have 2 cassette decks, while we have over 100.

We have designed a process that enables us to move items through inexpensively without sacrificing quality.

Although we have posted prices, we can adjust our pricing based on your needs. Our posted prices can be reduced by as much as 50% in some circumstances. We will take the time to help you find the perfect option for your situation. We may be able to offer options that you had not considered.

No Automation
Most other companies who offer a cassette to digital service have automated machines that capture and spit out a one-size-fits-all result. We wouldn't want our personal tapes done this way, so we don't do it that way. Every single item that comes through our doors has personal attention. Your product is not the result of an automated process.